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Artist’s Statement

Welcome to my web page, my name is Dan Morvillo; I am a western landscape artist who lives in Airdrie, a small town on the edge of foothills north of Calgary, close to Banff National Park, and Alberta Parks Kananaskis Country.

My focus is fine art, and developing a product to be appreciated primarily and solely for its imaginative, or aesthetic content. When I paint, I become absorbed in the colours and the mood of the impression that is being transformed from a blank canvas. Many times I start a painting with a certain feeling that I want to express, and as the painting progresses, the emotion of the painting takes over and it begins developing its own “soul”, I will often stand back and look at it, to get the painting to tell me what it needs. When it is finished it is hard to part with them because I poured myself into the realm of my creations, and the work has become a friend. Some times when I visit places where my art work is displayed, I see these “old friends”, and the feeling and bond comes back.

My location in western Canada provides me with plenty of great inspirations to create. My hope is that you will find what you would like to see. Thank you for your appreciation of my artwork.

Dan Morvillo

403 912 1206

Studio Painting - Castle Mountain

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